Satisfying Hunger & Other Appetites.

Chill Winston is deliberately undefinable. We are almost always the answer to: what mood are you in? Or for the sake of this webpage, the answer to: what can we do for you?


As a pro full service joint, there are a lot of things we can do for you that might not be apparent at first glance. Here are just a few ideas:

Harvest Box 

Convenient weekly downtown pickup (at Chill Winston, of course) of a farm-direct box of fresh organic vegetables (and occasional fruits). $25 per week for 20 weeks. Click here for more info!



Cool. Unique. Concious. Professional. Tasty. Entirely different than the norm; always a guest-pleaser. Testimonials here!


Book A Private Room 

The Peacock Lounge seats 12 comfortably and up to 20 with ever increasing intimacy. It even has its own sound system. Order food and drink, meet, party and have a generally sexy good time.


Prove Your Popularity 14 Friends At A Time 

Book our big ol’ long table and dine, imbibe, and socialize voluminously.


Be A Little More Selective 

Get a table of up to 8 people and be a bigger dining & drinking fish in a smaller very comfy pond.


Celebrate The Birth of Santa Claus 

Book your Christmas Party... NOW! Get the Peacock room, long table, or less long table. All sorts of shared platters and special pre-order menus. Ask us to invoice you instead of interrupting you with a bill. No room charges. Book the whole wasseling place to yourself. Finish up downstairs at Guilt & Co.


Chill At Your Desk 

You don’t always have time to stay for lunch, so take Chill back to the office with you. Order at the bar and be headed back to work in under 10 minutes. Or you can order a drink and celebrate the good work you did that morning.


Avoid Others Altogether With 

Got an almost-event or mini-meeting at the office that needs catering? Get it micro catered. Count up your people, find out what food they like, and set a price point. Then order from – we’ll take it from there. OR order our totally amazing entirely unique four-foot long charcutery board.


Embark On A Committed Relationship With Us 

Set-up a direct invoicing tab and leave your wallet at the office. Look smooth to your guests, be in & out faster, and get preferred reservations (even on the patio).


Get All Patio’d 

Reserve our side patio or just a slice. You can have a private cobblestoned garden party with complimentary people watching. Share platters and such.


Go To Guilt & Co Afterward 

Get special escorted access to Guilt & Co downstairs to experience live entertainment and perpetually rolling good times... because two outings are better at one address.

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